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Controlling Temperature While Growing A Kratom


Kratom is a tropical plant that is commonly located in the Southeastern part of Asia. An abundance of this particular plant can be observed in Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, and Thailand.

Scientific studies published by show that Kratom has opioid contents. Because of this, some make use of this plant for recreational use. Minor side effects are observed in the ingestion of Kratom plant including vomiting and constipation. Too much of this plant can be detrimental for the health since it can increase blood pressure and heart rate. Rarely, it can also cause liver toxicity.

In terms of climate preference, it prefers to grow in a warm temperature, despite the monsoon weather in some occasions year-round. It is difficult for it to grow in non-tropical countries.

Kratom is particularly difficult to propagate, but there are actually ways for you to ensure that it grows healthily using the right temperature. Here are some of the things you should consider when it comes to keeping up with the temperature.

Outdoor Temperature

If you want to grow your Kratom plant outdoor, you should know that the lowest temperature that occurs in warm areas is approximately 54 degrees Fahrenheit. If it drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, this will cause the plant to drop its leaves due to shock. That is why you should know the weather condition in the place you are residing before considering putting your plant in your backyard.

Indoor Temperature

Living in a country with cold temperature will be quite a struggle since this plant cannot survive low temperatures. In this certain situation, it is best to place it indoor, ideally, inside a container for an optimal growth. Exposing the plant with natural sunlight can also help warm the plant. However, if it is difficult to acquire natural lighting, you can make use of LED or fluorescent light with 18 watts.


If you have enough budget to build a temperature controlled greenhouse, then you should really invest in one. Kratom grows best in warm temperature, around 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. With the right temperature and resources, surely, you will be able to grow a bunch of healthy Kratom plants.

The Right Water

Water is important for every plant, and Kratom is no exemption to this rule. Watering the plant is the key for it to absorb the nutrients it needs, yet the water should be in the right pH and temperature.

The water to be used must be warm, especially when you are watering young Kratom plants because failing to do will cause the leaves to wither.

Overall, growing Kratom plants is challenging, especially in terms of maintaining the temperature the plant needs in order to survive. Nevertheless, if you manage to overcome the obstacles, then you can definitely grow a healthy Kratom plant either in your backyard or inside your abode. It is best, however, to grow several of this kind because not all of it will likely survive.

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