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Zero Turner Maintenance: Guidelines You Should Follow


Having a mower is convenient. It makes garden care easier and faster to achieve. It's easy to depend on our mowers especially when it's a Zero Turner. This type of zero turn radius mower isn't only efficient in trimming the lawn, but it's also flexible since you can maneuver around the corners of your garden. While using this mower is just a piece of cake, some users don't know a thing about its maintenance. Instead of buying a new one every time your current mower breaks, why not learn how its basic maintenance works? If you are interested, here's how:


You have to constantly clean the deck and underside of your mower. This prevents the belt from being beaten by the debris. Apply metal oil to avoid corrosion. This is also a great way to prevent dirt from accumulating, thus lessening the burden whenever you clean.


The spindles should be frequently greased. Zero Turn mowers are susceptible to rusting, so it needs lubricant. Check if the blades aren't rotating properly. If they aren't, they need to be replaced or heavily oiled.

Hydraulic Transmission

Most of Zero Turn mowers have a hydraulic transmission. If this overheats from constant use, it can create a damaging sludge of oil that affects the performance of the mower. To prevent this, you'll have to change the motor oil according to the manufacturer's guide. Each Zero Turner model will have a specific set of rules, so you'll have to buy the particular oil that fits your mower.

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